Gillian Barrett, Grad.Dip.Phys, ACPAT Cat A, FP-MT

Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Animal Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation & Fitness Training

Following an assessment an age / condition appropriate progressive exercise programme can be followed

Puppies – from 8 weeks to growth plate closure (approx. 24 months) – to develop body awareness and confidence

Improve flexibility
Improved muscle tone
Increased focus
Strengthen the human – dog bond

Sporting / working dogs / pet dogs

All the above + progressive exercises tailored to their fitness level, skill set and owner goals

Enhance performance and career longevity

Improve mental focus and bonding

Why do fitness training?

  • Increase core and overall body strength
  • Strengthen your bond and teach new behaviours
  • Help stabilize weak areas
  • Improve balance and body awareness
  • Improve reaction, control and co-ordination
  • Increase range of motion in joints
  • Confidence building
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease chances of injury
  • Help dog to live longer
  • Mental challenge
  • FUN for the dog


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